About BioPaxium Technologies

BioPaxium Technologies specialises in innovative eco-packaging solutions that provide an alternative to black crystallised polyethylene terephthalate CPET plastic trays often used in ready meal packaging.

BioPaxium Technologies is a UK business, based in Wales with a corporate team specialising in the research and development of eco-packaging solutions.

Our products utilise various moulded pulp fibres and bio-polymer formulations for two specific applications within the food sector.

Ready Meals - Frozen & Chilled (high temperature, microwave/ovenable)

MAP - Modified Atmosphere Packaging (high barrier properties, exhibiting good shelf life)

BioPaxium tray formats are manufactured using various pulp fibres including virgin wood, sugar cane bagasse, bamboo, and wheat straw; all of which are recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. This makes them the ideal alternative to plastic packaging products such as CPET, APET, PP and polystyrene.

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