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Highest Quality Production

Using FSC virgin wood fibres or similar allows for superb strength properties and a smooth surface finish on the interior and exterior. This gives a wipe-clean surface for cleaning spillages on the outer surface.

High Temperature Resistant 

Our eco-packaging range has the great strength of being resilient enough to withstand high temperatures of over 220°C, even for a prolonged period in both microwave and conventional ovens. 


The thermal insulating properties of the fibre makes sure that our trays don't become excessively hot on the exterior surface, offering the convenience that they can be handled shortly after heating.

Approved and Tested

Our fibre and eco-coating formulations exhibit excellent barrier properties, are approved for food contact, and are compliant with

FDA regulations.

Circular Economy 

Our full range of eco-packaging is totally recyclable, adhering to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation circular economy requirements, and

are Compostable to BS EN-13432 and OK HOME standards.

Print Design 

BioPaxium's innovative machine technology allows for easy printing

to the exterior and interior of the eco-packaging/tray.

Commercially Sound and Viable 

Utilising a combination of our unique processes and machine technology enables us to make our packaging cost-competitive with the plastic alternatives widely used in the food industry sector. 

Frozen Applications

Our trays can be frozen immediately using spiral freezing methods within food production and can withstand low temperatures of -40°C.

Lightweight Tray 

Our trays offer up to 25% weight reduction when compared to equivalent CPET/PET tray formats (dependent on tray design/size and application requirements).

Tray Sealing 

Our trays work with various top sealing films allowing them to

be to introduced into existing production lines without change to the sealing head process.


We utilise a flexible baseline design for ease of de-nesting within existing food manufacturing processes and cancolour pigment to customer specifications, including alignment with your branding.

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